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Practical & Comfortable.

Outfit your boat & enjoy the sea as never before.

Tailor made boat equipment

Outfit your boat with the comfort of your home.

We offer the possibility to create for your boat, high-end mattresses and comfort as you rest at home, offering a wide range of custom mattresses measures and shape of your bed or living room with interior latex and memory foam mattresses, especially made for boats, so you really feel what is the best rest on board.
Also, we can also make sheets, bags, covers and downsheets completely tailored to your mattress.


727Sailbags, Design from recycled sails.


727Sailbags, Design from recycled sails. 727Sailbags develops a range of products design, made in France from 100% recycled sails. Sewn entirely by hand, each and every one of the creations, unique and exclusive, have an authentication token maritime route of the sail in question.



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